America’s oil bonanza: what is the true cost?

Citing The Economist from November 17th 2012 “America’s oil bonanza – A good thing, but it would be better if energy was priced correctly in the United States”. According to IEA, America could become self-sufficient in energy by 2035, maybe sooner. This is part of the shale-gas revolution, but also due to more costly oil … Continue reading

Women 2.0 Conference

Yesterday: Women 2.0 Conference on female entrepreneurship in the tech industry. I was there as an ambassador for Elsa and me, here in power red. See more pictures on the Elsa and me site on Facebook. I would also take the time to recommend this video from Girleffect, describing why female entrepreneurship is so important … Continue reading

Sandy: A message?

I just went through one of the worst hurricanes in the US modern history. Although, I live on higher grounds of the upper Manhattan and was spared flooding, electricity outage etc. it hurts to see the damage. It was not a pleasant experience, and it clearly shows how little power we humans have over the power … Continue reading

Power red

In Power Red we have Christina, a former PwC consultant in energy, climate change and sustainability services who recently moved to New York from Sweden. Here are 5 questions with Christina: – What did you like with working as a sustainability consultant? “That I could contribute to making a difference in how companies run their … Continue reading

2, 565, 2,795

Three numbers telling us where we stand in the case of climate change. #1: 2 degrees Celsius is the conventional number scientist have agreed upon is the maximum raise in the global temperature we can reach before hitting disaster. Although, lately, many scientists have come to think that two degrees is far too lenient a … Continue reading

Behind the scenes

Last Sunday: Behind the scenes, photo shoot for Elsa and Me Founder Maja Svensson, actress/film producer Jenilyn Rodriguez and me  

Green beer

Sustainability at Brooklyn brewery, check out here what the GM has to say about it

Design Intelligence; Fashion

During two days (Sept 18 and 19) the Swedish Institute and Designboost, together with Parsons New School for Design arranged workshops and lectures around the topic how fashion companies can take the sustainability development one step further. I attended the lectures in day 2 and got to listen to many interesting speakers with bold ideas. … Continue reading

Good finance

I nowadays live in a global finance centre. I also read a book about finance. Never thought I would enjoy a book in the subject. After the escalating excesses and bonuses in the finance sector, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the recession, the bailouts etc. I started doubting, as many else with me, modern finance … Continue reading


Living uptown, but mostly hanging out downtown, transportation can sometimes be challenging. The subway can be a crowed and sweaty history. Then it’s good to have other options. One of them is this electric scooter. Pretty fast, quiet, and gasoline free. Ideal if charged with renewable electricity.