Perpetual growth in a finite world is a hopeless equation

So…back to the topic economic growth. Economic growth (to keep the machinery spinning) as we know it today, money creation by loan and interest, also requires abundant resources of coal, oil, metals, forest, meat etc. We are put in a leg hold trap of economic growth, as even more of these resources are needed, as … Continue reading

The story about stuff

Sometimes educational videos are the best way to understand things. Check out this video on how our wasteful life is rigged to spur the economy, but also to destroy human life and the planet  

Clean air on bottle

New York has gotten freezing cold. I’m staying home and watching Dr Seuss Lorax. A cute animated film for kids, but with an imortant underlying message. In the film, the people live captured in the fake city Thneedville where everything is made out of plastic and smog is thick in the sky. The main characther … Continue reading

Trading devices for dollars

Quoting The Economist December 2012 issue: “The mobile-phone industry thrives on novelty” The release of a new iPhone resembles a religious event, people camping outside Apple stores and sporting their latest device among craving friends. According to Recon Analytics, the average American phone is replaced every 22 months. Nothing wrong with wanting better, faster, smaller … Continue reading

Entering 2013…reflecting over the past year

2012 has just passed, a very eventful year on the personal level, maybe the most exciting year so far? In July I had my best day ever, getting married to the man to whom my love grow stronger for each day. I traveled to places like Tokyo, Paris, Dublin, London, Istanbul and Tanzania. I took … Continue reading

H&M recycles

The trend started a few years ago. In Scandinavia children’s wear brand Klättermusen was a pioneer. Filippa K and Acne opened secondhand stores. Lindex started a campaign during this summer. I’m talking about different forms of recycling clothes. I got happy when I heard the news that H&M finally started a clothing collecting initiative worldwide … Continue reading

Reduction and Resilience

While leaders around the world are debating in Doha – COP18 climate talk, scientists report global emissions of carbon dioxide were at a record high in 2011 and are likely to take similar jump in 2012.  Emissions continue to grow so rapidly that an international goal of limiting the ultimate warming of the planet to … Continue reading

Sandy: A message?

I just went through one of the worst hurricanes in the US modern history. Although, I live on higher grounds of the upper Manhattan and was spared flooding, electricity outage etc. it hurts to see the damage. It was not a pleasant experience, and it clearly shows how little power we humans have over the power … Continue reading

Green beer

Sustainability at Brooklyn brewery, check out here what the GM has to say about it

Design Intelligence; Fashion

During two days (Sept 18 and 19) the Swedish Institute and Designboost, together with Parsons New School for Design arranged workshops and lectures around the topic how fashion companies can take the sustainability development one step further. I attended the lectures in day 2 and got to listen to many interesting speakers with bold ideas. … Continue reading