Perpetual growth in a finite world is a hopeless equation

So…back to the topic economic growth. Economic growth (to keep the machinery spinning) as we know it today, money creation by loan and interest, also requires abundant resources of coal, oil, metals, forest, meat etc. We are put in a leg hold trap of economic growth, as even more of these resources are needed, as … Continue reading

Ending the Ponzi Era

You recall Bernard Madoff? He built his imperium on a castle in the air, a so-called Ponzi-scheme (named after the famous fraudster Charles Ponzi) Do you get the feeling that the whole world economy resembles Madoff or Charles Ponzi? Then you should have a closer look at The Boston Consulting Group’s report “Ending The Era … Continue reading

Once upon a time


Sandy: A message?

I just went through one of the¬†worst hurricanes in the US modern history. Although, I live on higher grounds of the upper Manhattan and was spared flooding, electricity outage etc. it hurts to see the damage. It was not a pleasant experience, and it clearly shows how little power we humans have over the power … Continue reading

2, 565, 2,795

Three numbers telling us where we stand in the case of climate change. #1: 2 degrees Celsius is the conventional number scientist have agreed upon is the maximum raise in the global temperature we can reach before hitting disaster. Although, lately, many scientists have come to think that two degrees is far too lenient a … Continue reading

Good finance

I nowadays live in a global finance centre. I also read a book about finance. Never thought I would enjoy a book in the subject. After the escalating excesses and bonuses in the finance sector, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the recession, the bailouts etc. I started doubting, as many else with me, modern finance … Continue reading

Rationality in promoting health and sustainability

Chicago art

Last night I had the pleasure to attend an evening of art at the American Residency. Among a wide selection of Chicago art, I found these little pictures from Tom Toles at the Washington Post that are just to great. One picture sometime says more than a thousand words… (I apologize for the quality of … Continue reading

The 11th hour by DiCaprio

A year ago, Al Gore spread the climate-change message at the Cannes Film Festival. Now it’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn. The former boy wonder produced, co-wrote, and narrated The 11th Hour, a documentary that explores how industrial society screwed itself and how it can fix the problem. Relying on interviews with the likes of Stephen Hawking … Continue reading

March 8: A shoutout for all women

Here are som advices and a boost I think we all need Don’t Take Your Foot Off The Gas Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, gave a now-famous TED talk on why we have too few women leaders. As a mother of two, she is sympathetic to women feeling like they have to choose … Continue reading