Entering 2013…reflecting over the past year

2012 has just passed, a very eventful year on the personal level, maybe the most exciting year so far? In July I had my best day ever, getting married to the man to whom my love grow stronger for each day. I traveled to places like Tokyo, Paris, Dublin, London, Istanbul and Tanzania. I took … Continue reading

Women 2.0 Conference

Yesterday: Women 2.0 Conference on female entrepreneurship in the tech industry. I was there as an ambassador for Elsa and me, here in power red. See more pictures on the Elsa and me site on Facebook. I would also take the time to recommend this video from Girleffect, describing why female entrepreneurship is so important … Continue reading

Power red

In Power Red we have Christina, a former PwC consultant in energy, climate change and sustainability services who recently moved to New York from Sweden. Here are 5 questions with Christina: – What did you like with working as a sustainability consultant? “That I could contribute to making a difference in how companies run their … Continue reading

Behind the scenes

Last Sunday: Behind the scenes, photo shoot for Elsa and Me Founder Maja Svensson, actress/film producer Jenilyn Rodriguez and me  

New Hometown

  A lot of changes happened lately, and one of them is that I moved to New York. I will keep on writing, and hopefully gaining some new perspectives


This summer has been busy. It’s been the most amazing summer ever. I got married. Word. For honeymoon, me and my newlywed husband travelled to Tanzania (Zanzibar). We had glory times, as honeymooners. But I also learnt a lot and discovered new things, being for the first time in Africa. As usual, I have been … Continue reading

Article out now

The article about me;  engineer, energy- and climate change consultant and fashionista is out now. Read it all here in the online version of the magazine Ingenjören (Swedish only)

Chicago art

Last night I had the pleasure to attend an evening of art at the American Residency. Among a wide selection of Chicago art, I found these little pictures from Tom Toles at the Washington Post that are just to great. One picture sometime says more than a thousand words… (I apologize for the quality of … Continue reading

Photo shoot

Just got back from this place after a shoot. What for will soon be revealed…

London training

Three days in London and great training in sustainability in transactions. London delivers