H&M recycles

The trend started a few years ago. In Scandinavia children’s wear brand Klättermusen was a pioneer. Filippa K and Acne opened secondhand stores. Lindex started a campaign during this summer. I’m talking about different forms of recycling clothes. I got happy when I heard the news that H&M finally started a clothing collecting initiative worldwide … Continue reading

Women 2.0 Conference

Yesterday: Women 2.0 Conference on female entrepreneurship in the tech industry. I was there as an ambassador for Elsa and me, here in power red. See more pictures on the Elsa and me site on Facebook. I would also take the time to recommend this video from Girleffect, describing why female entrepreneurship is so important … Continue reading

Power red

In Power Red we have Christina, a former PwC consultant in energy, climate change and sustainability services who recently moved to New York from Sweden. Here are 5 questions with Christina: – What did you like with working as a sustainability consultant? “That I could contribute to making a difference in how companies run their … Continue reading

Behind the scenes

Last Sunday: Behind the scenes, photo shoot for Elsa and Me Founder Maja Svensson, actress/film producer Jenilyn Rodriguez and me  

Design Intelligence; Fashion

During two days (Sept 18 and 19) the Swedish Institute and Designboost, together with Parsons New School for Design arranged workshops and lectures around the topic how fashion companies can take the sustainability development one step further. I attended the lectures in day 2 and got to listen to many interesting speakers with bold ideas. … Continue reading

Fashion victims

That the fashion industry is struggling with sweat shops, child labour etc. is no news. That it often requires dirty production processes, we can figure out. But that our clothes are toxic cocktails that can make us sick (even labelled as organic) few people know. My knowledge got better after watching the documentary “Fashion victims” … Continue reading

Elsa from Sweden

I started this blog partly behalf on my friend Maja’s initiative. I was writing for the website to her brand Elsa and me  By then, Maja worked on her fashion brand besides a regular office job in New York City. Giving her ambitions and drive, she sooner quit her job to fully focus on Elsa and … Continue reading

The end of cheap fashion?

Not only are biofuels competing with food cultivation, but also with cotton yields, aka “the white gold”. When food scarcity hit, yields producing fuel will not be hit first – cotton will. Food and energy is more essential than fashion, besides growing biofuels have higher monetary value than growing cotton. “The overall shift in agricultural … Continue reading

Stockholm is cold – need coffee garments to stay warm…

Over at the California based performance sportswear company Virus “stepping out for a coffee” has taken on new meaning. The company has unveiled StayWarm, a line of spandex clothes made from coffee beans, which boost the body’s temperature by up to ten degrees. A unique proprietary process converts the coffee charcoal (recycled used grounds) into a natural fabric, … Continue reading

Wishlist for 2012

That the Euro crisis somehow come a few steps closer a solution and that the market will react a bit more positive Many new influences from exciting trips around the world That the GHG emissions will decrease, or at least stabilize, at current level Many new cleantech innovations and environmentally friendly products to come to … Continue reading