Climate Change awakening in America


America’s oil bonanza: what is the true cost?

Citing The Economist from November 17th 2012 “America’s oil bonanza – A good thing, but it would be better if energy was priced correctly in the United States”. According to IEA, America could become self-sufficient in energy by 2035, maybe sooner. This is part of the shale-gas revolution, but also due to more costly oil … Continue reading

2, 565, 2,795

Three numbers telling us where we stand in the case of climate change. #1: 2 degrees Celsius is the conventional number scientist have agreed upon is the maximum raise in the global temperature we can reach before hitting disaster. Although, lately, many scientists have come to think that two degrees is far too lenient a … Continue reading


Living uptown, but mostly hanging out downtown, transportation can sometimes be challenging. The subway can be a crowed and sweaty history. Then it’s good to have other options. One of them is this electric scooter. Pretty fast, quiet, and gasoline free. Ideal if charged with renewable electricity.

Three voices on the resource revolution

The historian on resource scarcity: “ […] you could be paying 100 or 200 percent more for your raw inputs than you were just two and a half years ago. That gives you a sense of the extraordinary time we live in. The only previous periods I’m aware of when there have been correlated spikes in … Continue reading

Rationality in promoting health and sustainability

The 11th hour by DiCaprio

A year ago, Al Gore spread the climate-change message at the Cannes Film Festival. Now it’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s turn. The former boy wonder produced, co-wrote, and narrated The 11th Hour, a documentary that explores how industrial society screwed itself and how it can fix the problem. Relying on interviews with the likes of Stephen Hawking … Continue reading

Breaking up with coal

Talking about renewables, we often talk about the phasing out of oil and vehicle fuels. Sure, that’s one side of the coin, but another, even bigger problem, is the coal dependency around the world. Not only are the CO2 emissions from burning coal greater than the emissions from equivalent amount of energy content in oil … Continue reading


Today was the last day of the Edward Burtynsky photo exhibition at Fotografiska museum. If you missed it, I hope you have a chance to see it some other time. Burtynsky reveals  via large format, yet highly detailed,  photographs of artficial landscapes exploring how oil is produced, disributed and consumed. The photos have been taken … Continue reading

“Keep the oil”

Donald Trump talking about the attacks in Iraq and Libya. It is pretty clear what’s on his mind: Trump: I always heard that when we went into Iraq, we went in for the oil. I said, “Eh, that sounds smart.” That sounds smart. Yes, blood for oil! Yes, blood for oil! WSJ: So you would … Continue reading