This summer has been busy. It’s been the most amazing summer ever. I got married. Word.
For honeymoon, me and my newlywed husband travelled to Tanzania (Zanzibar). We had glory times, as honeymooners. But I also learnt a lot and discovered new things, being for the first time in Africa. As usual, I have been reflecting on what is in my interest.

First, to be honest, I thought at least the larger city Dar Es Salaam would be little more progressed than it was. My husband, returning back to Dar after 10 years or so, could not see any progress since last time. Sweden, among other countries, gave a lot of grants to Tanzania a decade ago. Where is the money? (c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n)
People are not starving, the ones we met seemed happy and content with life (a lot happier than many wealthy people we know in Stockholm or New York), about 57% of the kids attend school. Still, I did some research and read somewhere the average income per household in rural areas (which makes up most of the country as 75% are farmers) is about 10 USD/month, and in Dar about 25 USD/month. With that money, you use most resource very efficient, and of course the environmental footprint is by far not comparable with us in the developed world.
But there are still problems hindering environmentally sustainable development. One is pollution, as we involuntary came across, taking a stroll along the beach in Dar, and ending up in… sewage from the nearby hospital. Right out in the ocean. Other problems involve destruction of the coral reefs and overgrazing.
Most of these problems could be solved with the right management, and allocation of money, which again, is only justified with the right management!
After all, in a country with such a wildlife on earth and in the ocean, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, and starry sky to dream about, nature has to be protected.

One Response to “Africa”
  1. nullam says:

    Discussed Tanzania’s development with a friend recently and the conclusion was that social welfare sometimes has to come before capital welfare. To site the almost fascinating Hans Rosling: You get pretty far with contraception in your bedroom, food in the fridge and sanitation.

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