Rationality in promoting health and sustainability

2 Responses to “Rationality in promoting health and sustainability”
  1. Clau Dia says:

    Obese people are CO2 pipes. They consume more meat, they walk less, drive more and don’t even think about bikes as transportation means. Veggies are ridiculously expensive in all restaurants worldwide (believe me, I know what I’m talking about) just because they are apparently not what the mass market craves. But why? Probably because many people lacked a mum as great as mum teaching the deliciousness of a grilled paprika.

  2. Clau Dia says:

    Make apples cheaper than burgers and you’ll bump into a suddenly healthy low segment in the society. Like in the old days, when the poor lived out of veggies and only the rich could gorge on meat & sweets.

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