“Nature does not produce waste as such”, Arthur Potts Dawson

Arthur Potts Dawson wants us to take responsibility not just for the food we eat, but how we shop for and even dispose of it.

The founder of the two sustainable restaurants Acorn house and Water house is now taking on his new project the “people’s restaurant”.

Acorn house was London’s first “eco-friendly training restaurant” and Water House, run only on renewable energy, is a pioneer in waste reduction systems. This has earned Potts Dawson a role as a London Leader working on the Sustainable Development Commission. “I’m a chef, I’m a cook, I was created by this industry, and I like to think I’m giving back. But I’m not giving back because I can make a scallop soufflé, I’m giving back because I can make compost,” he says.

“The People’s Supermarket”, owned and run by the people who shop there, is the future of British food, says Potts Dawson.

“People don’t have money, but they need the basic cohesive qualities of support,” Potts Dawson says. “Supermarkets don’t really sustain a community and they completely remove people from the food chain.” Which is why on 1 April, Potts Dawson will embark on a nine-month experiment, filmed by Channel 4, to show that an alternative model, using communities and local food networks, can offer an alternative to supermarkets.

Watch his speak here at TED talks



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