Wishlist for 2012

  • That the Euro crisis somehow come a few steps closer a solution and that the market will react a bit more positive
  • Many new influences from exciting trips around the world
  • That the GHG emissions will decrease, or at least stabilize, at current level
  • Many new cleantech innovations and environmentally friendly products to come to market at large
  • That more and more companies realize the value of CSR
  • A great start of a new life with my husband
  • The perfect shoes or (and) the perfect bag (still haven’t found – will you ever?)
  • That I somehow could get over a piece of the Rochas curbits colletion from last spring (so last season, hmm..who cares, sustainable fashion doesn’t get out of style)
  • That the new President of the US is not homofobic or against abortions – women’s bodies already belong to men in many aspects, let them not be decided over by the Government
  • Exciting projects at work
  • Lots of fun

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