Four thoughts on women and work

After reading The Economist special report on women and work (2nd of December) I got (many) thoughts, four of them I want to share:

1. Since women have the purchasing power in roughly 80 % of all purchases, what if we could make use of this power and choose to only buy from companies that are more gender equal? A funny thought that unfortunately would not work all the time, the purchase options would just be too limitied – that’s how bad the figures are.

2. Women: Don’t pull down job offers. Take them and let’s together change the work environment to be more family friendly. Most younger men would also benefit.

3. Quotas, why not? Quotas have been practised altogether for too long now. But hidden. And pro-men. Don’t get fooled about the BS talk that it is hard to find competent women. There are plenty of incompetent men at the top…Some more women in power might for example have moderated the financial crisis….

4. Is simply: Choose the righ partner. Someone who does not get his manhood hurt because you earn nore than him. Someone who thinks that taking care of kids and home is boths equal responsibility.


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