It’ s all David Beckham’s fault

From The Conversation, Michael J. I. Brown

Many climate “sceptics” claim that alternate climate models can explain global warming. These models often rely on apparent correlations between climate and other data. “Sceptics” have claimed climate is strongly correlated with the Southern Oscillation Index, the oscillation position of the sun and the lenght of solar cycles,

Anything will do as long as it is not CO₂.

The models are championed by bloggers, sceptics, bloggers, thinktanks and bloggers, but are viewed as deeply flawed by most scientists. To examine the weaknesses of these models, I will introduce a radical new climate “model”.

The Manchester United climate model

Global warming is the most significant scientific and political issue of recent decades. Manchester United is the most significant soccer club of recent decades. Could the two be linked?

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One Response to “It’ s all David Beckham’s fault”
  1. Kemberly Conners says:

    I really love it when david beckham gets a goal, this guy is really a football legend.


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