TED x WaterfrontWomen

I have always been a fan of TED

On Thursday a TED x women event was organized in NYC and LA – and also globally around the world. In Stockholm we were gathered at the Waterfront conference centre.

Several women (and some men) were talking about how women are re-shaping the future on the theme resilience and relationships. There was Gayle Tzemach Lemmon from New York Times talking about how 50 % of the world population cannot be regared as a special interest, Jill Iscol from Hummingbird Foundation who told a moving story about two girls who took their life stories and turned them into a mission and lovely 17 year old South African girl Busisiwe Mkhumbuzi who team leader of V-Girls, a global network of girl activists and advocates fighting against violence, and maybe a potential future President of South Africa?

There was also Jennifer Siebel Newsom, a filmmaker and actress – sick and tired of the female portrayal in media, Matt Petersen on our relationship to the earth, and Barbra Streisand on our relationship to our hearts – heart desease actually kills more men than female because reseach for the past 50 years has been directed to men physics.

All the speeches you can find here

Not to forget our Swedish speakers:

Beata Wickbom:  “The web as a creative environment for personal development”
Saana Azzam: “Mothers at the Board – how to attrack and keep the future female leades”
Estelle Joubert Westling:  “Cool head and warm heart. The potential with a value based management”

This used to be status…


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