COP17 – to rely on companies rather than politicians

Today the climate meeting in Durban begins. Hopes are low that we will reach a gobal commitment this time around, facing the  economic crisis in Europe, and considering the last meetings outcome in Copenhagen and Cancún.

When the politicians are busy solving debts, more hopes are directed towards corporates voluntary curbing emissions. For corporations, reducing emissions is a possible way to even become more financially stable. The main object must always be working on energy efficiency and decreasing dependency on fossil fuels.

World Business council for Sustainable Development gather the 200 largets companies in the world as members. It’s Swedish cousin Haga initiativ include companies  (Axfood, Coca Cola, Fortum, JM and Procter and Gamble among others) who set the target to reduce their own emissions by 40 % to 2020 – even greater than EU:s target. A newly released report shows that companies working proactively with sustainability have 15 % lower costs than companies choosing not to care. The industry might have to take the lead before the politics will finally react.


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