Today was the last day of the Edward Burtynsky photo exhibition at Fotografiska museum. If you missed it, I hope you have a chance to see it some other time. Burtynsky reveals  via large format, yet highly detailed,  photographs of artficial landscapes exploring how oil is produced, disributed and consumed. The photos have been taken from above, like a bird´s perspecctive, watching it from distance, reflecting.

It is impossible to cover the full aspects of the oil’s impact on our everyday life. This is one photograper’s take. Yet, it gives a rather comprehensive view and an almost religious take on how everything is depending on oil, but how devastating the oil infrastructure is for the environment. The pictures possess a beautiful sadness.

Deepwater Horizon explosion

Oil field, Texas, US

L.A., US.

VW fabricOld oil field, Baku, Azerbaijan

Used engines, Arizona, US

Last outpost for crude oil rests, Chittagong, India

One Response to “Burtynsky/OIL”
  1. Miranda Edner says:

    Love the pictures! So sad I missed this exhibition. I had really planned to go, but just couldn’t find the time. :/ Thanks for sharing! x M

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