Living at Lousiana and a reflection about sustainable cities

In Copenhagen I visited the art museum Lousiana. They featured the exhibition “Living – frontiers of architecture” LIVING investigates the concepts of home and new modes of life through architectural, social and cultural looks at the world today. I am positive the next big issue of the concept of living is going to be sustainability.

Another inspiring investigation of living I did last weekend was watching the ongoing architectural project in Malmö’s west harbour (BO01). This city part combines interesting architecture with sustainable thinking.

There is no way we can reduce the carbon emissions if cities are not planned efficiently. 50 % of the world’s population is living in cities.

Nicholas Stern, who was the first to put a price on global warming is now working on “the economics of sustaibale cities” – a global mapping of cities on emissions, biological diversity, efficiency and welfare. The study will shortly be released by London School of Economics and World Bank. A sustainable city is not only defined by effectively use of resources, but is also prosperous. To that, myself I would also add the architectural design as an important factor.

I’m curious about the result. Aren’t you?




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