It can’t be impossible

It can’t be impossible to buy a sustainable plain T-shirt made under fair curcomstances.

A few years ago it seemed like it. That’s when the girls behind Dem Collective decided to start their own T-shirt production, based on organic cotton and sawn under fair conditions. After sourcing the (only) organic cotton farmer they couldn’t find any factory in Sri Lanka meeting their standards. They didn’t give up by that, but started their own factories instead, now controlling the whole production line. A few years later, here they are with a complete fashion line.

It’s not impossible. The real challenges lie within the final step – the design. It doesn’t matter how good or organic or fair a product is if noone wants to buy it at the end. That is not sustainable.

Today, I listened to Dem Collective, but also MAX Hamburger, Åhléns and Indiska and how these companies work with CSR. A true inspiring evening, proving that companies can make a change and be a front runner and a source of inspiration around the world, no matter of size.

Indiska’s head of ethics and sustainability at “World Talk” by WonderWorld


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