What would we wish for in the future?

Before my trip to New York I went to my dear friend Valdemar Gerdin’s art opening at Biologiska museet (biology museum) at Djurgården  in Stockholm. I have passed by the building so many times, but never went inside. I regret I haven’t. It is such an unique museum, still at its original from 1893.

The show presented five artists, each with a hidden installation merged into the original museum. The show also wanted to tell an important message:

The Earth will probably always exist, but how is it with all the different species of plants and animals living on it? We human beings living on earth for a short time need to carry out a change of our way of life before it’s too late. If we in the future will have a planet to live on which is not completely destroyed, it is  important that we review our values​​. Draining the Earth on its resources in the tempo we do have to change. Man can no longer chew on the hand that feeds them. It is time that we stop and take a few steps back and look at how we changed the world and how it will look like in the future.”


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