Nuclear vs. coal

We are devastated and chocked about the situation in Japan and the potential nuclear meltdown. 31 years ago we had the big discussion and election about nuclear in Sweden after the Harrisburg accident. Since then, opinion has changed, focus has shifted towards fossil fuels and nuclear suddenly seemed as a not-so-bad alternative. I think we will se yet another turn-around against nuclear power again (just look at the shut down of nuclear plants in Germany). Politicians from the green party want to shut down reactors in Sweden.

Nuclear power is not safe. Neither is oil and coal.  In fact, for every person killed by nuclear power generation, 4000 die due to coal, adjusted for the same amount of power produced.

These charts pretty much illustrates it all.



Not included in this chart are deaths due to global political instability involving oil fields, deaths from coastal flooding and deaths due to environmental impacts yet unmeasured.

Renewables like wind and sun power is not yet scalable enough and can’t work without a back-up system until we have a technology to store energy. I agree one should not build nuclear power plants in vulnerable parts of the world. But in Sweden with our solid ground and sparse population I definitely think nuclear is a better option than importing German coal power.

Read the full article by Seth Godin here

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  1. […] than oil and gas, coal is also the source to more direct environmental impact and is causing more deaths when extracting, but also from the dust and particles – many of them toxic and radioactive […]

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