About me

Christina Emeli Charlotte, that’s my full name.

Despite the almost royal name, I am a very down to earth person. I will be writing for ELSA and ME about my life as a young professional, about fashion and about sustainability and environment.

Let me introduce myself a little bit. I was born in the early 80’s in the Stockholm suburb Sollentuna. I grew up. I had my own fashion style, loved fashion. I wanted to see the world and I went to Paris for a year, “studying” French. I came back to Stockholm and I turned my passion for fashion into business. With a friend, we started a fashion brand together and arranged several fashion shows and even attended a TV show talking about trends. In the meanwhile I started studying at Royal Institute of Technology. Yes – combining fashion and technology works! But me too was unsure at the beginning so I took a year off and started working for Swedish fashion brand Acne. While still at Acne, I went back to school again. This time industrial engineering and management. Finished. Developed another passion, for sustainability and green energy.

Then again, I needed to go away for Stockholm, just for a while. So I arranged a lot of papers and moved to New York for a year. In New York I met with the wonderful Maja, founder of ELSA and ME.

Now I am back in Stockholm. I work as a consultant in the energy & utilities sector. EU Carbon credit trading stystem is my specialization. I still have my own style.


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